The dice game that is being talked about is DiscDice, which has already received a lot of attention on many YouTube channels of disc golf (Jomez, Margiti Discgolfikanal). As a result, the general popularity and interest has grown exponentially both in Estonia and abroad.

The DiscDice dice game consists of two dice, one side of the dice has a throwing style: forearm throw, anhyzer, hyzer, scooter, backhand throw and one so-called free choice face. The second dice is the disc to be discarded: top-stable disc, putter, medium, nude, long-range disc and also a free-choice facet. These same 2 dice are rolled on the disc at the beginning of each hole, and the combination that comes when rolling the dice is the rule for that hole. Due to chance, DiscDice can make the regular round more equal, and it is possible that if there is usually one better player in the company, then DiscDice can turn everything around. It is also a good tool to practice different throws and often you have to find other corridors on the course that you would not otherwise use or learn to control other discs. This can be useful to find a new throw line that you haven't tried before and makes your game better. But even in the future, if you are in a situation where there is a bush in the way or there is no good line to the basket, then you might recall a throw from a DiscDice round that may come useful in that particular situation.

But these rules are not set in stone, only printed on paper. Popular modifications to the game are that all throwers roll the dice until they reach the 10m circle, not just at the beginning of the hole. Also, a separate combination is thrown to each player, which can often bring a very difficult throw to one player and a very simple one to another, all the more so by changing the course of the game and the leader can change after each hole. However, it is best to change the game by giving free choice to the facet as mentioned in the house rule. For example, on a dice style dice, change this aspect to having to throw a "grenade" or "tomahawk". There are already more options to change the face of the disk dice. It can be given the rule that the fastest disk or the slowest disk, the oldest disk or the newest, and so on. there are more options for this. The easiest way to change the face of both dice is for the players to decide which disc to throw or which throwing style. In this case, it comes down to playing with good friends, whether you are merciful or given the most difficult option possible.

DiscDice creator Clay Burnett says the need to create the game came from a need. Because by the time he had done more than a hundred laps at his local disc golf park, he was just trying to liven up his laps, as it was no longer interesting for him to throw the same throws on the same courses, just to improve his personal best. So in the beginning, he just started circling a single disc, and so on. Playing with friends, they decided to choose discs for each other, but the problem was that often parts of the party did not come up with good ideas to create some interesting throws. So the brainstorming started as a good and interesting solution on how players can make their daily rounds more interesting without making the game too weird. That's where the idea came from that dice are the solution. After that, things went quickly, the forum asked the environment if anyone other than him would be interested in such a thing and the interest was great. 3 hours later, he created a Kickstarter campaign in a fundraising environment, for which he achieved the necessary financial milestone in 12 hours. Two weeks later, when Kickstarter ran out of time, he was also surprised that he was supported by 1400% of the initial required amount. He has now sold out all the dice on several occasions, and several dealers around the world have seen the same result. However, he is still developing the brand by adding wooden dice, adding new colours and patterns all the time, and it is also possible to buy more luminous dice.

The game is really addictive and offers fun for every round, in addition, you can see throws on the tracks that are not logical in any way, but with good luck and skill can bring a surprisingly good result. In addition, the game is suitable for players of all levels, because a beginner can get to know many different discs and has to get out of his comfort zone and throw another throw he would otherwise be used to and get better, which is a big part of further development. Every disc golf player knows from experience that the more throws he feels comfortable and at home, the better he gets and the better the results.

Finally, I will add videos from different people's DiscDice circles to the end here, and I definitely recommend trying this game and giving DiscDice a chance.

Margiti Discgolfikanal Prodigy (Siim Isup and Kristo Rand) vs MVP (Jakko Isup and Silver Koni) (in Estonian)

JomezPro is played by Nate Sexton and Jeremy Koling (in English):