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    How to Play

    • At the tee box, roll DiscDice into an upside-down disc. One die informs which type of disc to throw (disc die), the other informs how to throw it (throw die).

    • If the DiscDice logo is rolled (wild), it is up to that player to select ANY* type of disc or style of throw to substitute. For example, if the disc die lands on “driver” and the throw die lands on the DD logo, the group MUST throw a driver, but the player may choose whichever style of throw they desire.

    • All players on the card must throw the same rolled combination.


    These rules are designed to get you started. It’s up to you to make the game whatever you want it to be. However, we’ve provided a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    Alternate Rule Possibilities

    • Only the player teeing off first has to submit to the roll.

    • The player at the back of the box rolls on each hole.

    • Roll once for the entire round.

    • Allow people to call a re-roll for a stroke penalty.

    If the disc die lands on "wild":

    • Select any of the other 5 disc options on the die.

    • Throw a specific color of disc.

    • Throw another player's disc.

    • Another player chooses a disc out of your bag for you to throw.

    • Throw a mini/marker.

    • Throw your oldest disc.

    • Throw your oldest/newest disc.

    • Throw a previously owned disc.

    If the throw die lands on "wild":

    • Select any of the other 5 throw options on the die.

    • Create a mandatory line by using trees, poles, etc.

    • Perform a 360 drive.

    • Throw Overhand/tomahawk/thumber/grenade

    • Throw with your eyes closed.

    • Spin around 10 times before throwing.

    • Must attempt a skip.


    * Always consider the safety of yourself and others as a chief priority. If Jeff has a bad shoulder, maybe don’t make him throw overhands when you roll the logo. Likewise, maybe don’t do 360 drives near a parking lot.

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