What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a sports game very similar to traditional ball golf, at least in terms of rules and terms. The biggest difference is that disc golf uses flying discs instead of balls and golf clubs. In ball golf, the goal is to get the ball into a special hole, while in disc golf, the goal is to get the disc into a special basket with chains.

The first throw is made from a throw area called the teepad, then the next throw is from where the throw lands. Hole is finished as long as the disc is in the basket (or chains).

The main advantage of disc golf over ball golf is that it is usually completely free to play (unless the course is on private property), as subsequent costs are minimal and you can enjoy the game at any time of year and even during the night if the discs are equipped with LED lights.

Who plays disc golf?

Disc golf is one of the best recreational sports because it can be played at any age and regardless of physical fitness. Because disc golf is easy to learn, everyone can participate. Disc golf can be played both for fun and recreational activity, as well as a serious competitive sport.

Why play?

Disc golf is the perfect way to move and entertain yourself at the same time. Disc golf is a sport that requires little physical activity, but still has a healthy effect on your body and after a long day on the course, it feels like you have moved. Disc golf offers a great deal of emotion, both positive and negative, depending on the situation. There are also many different game situations that require different throwing techniques and a game plan so that the next throw is the best possible and whether to risk a throw or not. Such situations make the game very interesting and attractive, bringing both jubilation and frustration.

You don't need any special clothing or footwear to play disc golf, everyone chooses them at their own discretion and comfort. The equipment is also affordable compared to many other sports. Discs used by amateurs and world tops are in the same price range, ranging from 10-20 euros and one disc is enough to get started.

Where to play disc golf in Estonia?

There are currently more than 100 disc golf parks in Estonia, most of which are on different health trails and are therefore free for everyone to use. See the map of the nearest disc golf park!

Large map - Eesti discgolfi pargid - Disc golf courses in Estonia

Where to compete?

If you feel the level is going up and just playing for fun is not enough, there are many different competitions all over Estonia, bigger and smaller.

 EDGL Calendar  Disc Golf Metrix

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