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These 5 tips will help select right discs for disc golf

We know from own experience that choosing the first disc golf discs can be a challenge. Very often purchased discs do not match the playing skills. We try to make your disc selection easier with the following 5 points.

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MVP Photon

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Tanel Viirmann Eesti Harrastajate Meistrivõistlustel Hiiumaal

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MVP, Axiom ja Streamline discs plastikud

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MVP Relativity

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Forehand-backhand tee-shots with putters at Annikoru DGP

MVP Neutron Entropy MVP Plasma Entropy Streamline Cosmic Neutron Stabilizer Axiom Eclipse Glow Envy

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MVP Wave

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MVP Entropy

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Kaasahaarav täringumäng discgolfi rajale

The dice game that is being talked about is DiscDice, which has already received a lot of attention on many YouTube channels of discgolf (Jomez, Margiti Discgolfikanal). As a result, the general popularity and interest has grown exponentially both in Estonia and abroad.

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Las Vegas Challenge 2021

First disc golf pro tour event of 2021 is in the books. It was also the first PDGA competition for James Conrad as Team MVP member. JC was on the picture the whole competition and all his 4 rounds got taped. Check out yourself what tools he uses to catch birdies!

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