We know from own experience that choosing the first disc golf discs can be a challenge. Very often purchased discs do not match the playing skills. We try to make your disc selection easier with the following 5 points.

  1. Before buying personal discs, if possible, try your friends' discs and write down the names of the models you like, so you can ask for the same or similar discs in the shop. If you can describe the discs you have already tried, the sales assistant will have more success to offer you the right discs.

  2. Evaluate objectively your throwing distance. The flight performance of a disc depends very much on how well the disc is thrown. Therefore, it is important to know approximately your abilities. Underestimating or overestimating abilities may not give the disc the expected flight path, and it may be more difficult for a dealer to recommend a suitable disc.

  3. Note that slower speeds (up to 10) and lighter discs are more beginner-friendly. Slower discs are able to hold a longer straight line, which in turn helps keep the disc on the fairway. Lightweight discs fly with less effort, but they are also more easily affected by the wind. Two discs (short distance disc - putter and fairway driver) are enough to get started. As you develop your skills, you can buy more discs as needed.  

  4. Most manufacturers have 4 numbers on the discs - speed, glide, turn, and fade. These numbers help you to get a better idea of ​​the characteristics of the disc. For beginners, we would not initially recommend discs faster than 10. The glide number is initially unimportant, but as a rule, it is usually 5. For the beginner, the last 2 digits are the most important. The turn is usually between -5 and 0. The fade range is 0 to 5. The starting player should select a disc with a turn number equal to or greater than the face. For example, -2 and 1 or -2 and 2.
    You can read more about flight numbers on this page -  https://mvpdiscsports.com/flight-rating-system/  

  5. If possible, buy discs from a store that specializes in selling disc golf equipment. They have a better selection of discs, and sellers are generally specialists in their field. This way, you will get the quickest professional advice without having to spend hours searching the internet for answers. Be sure to touch and feel the discs from different manufacturers in order to find the most comfortable one for you.

There is also a separate disc section for beginners on our website  - https://discgolfar.ee/en/16-for-beginner