MVP Neutron Terra (Special Edition)


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    Discs come in 170-175 weight range. Leave your weight and color preference in order comments.

    The rhythmic crash of 6 legs cutting through the field would almost be soothing if you didn’t know what it belonged to. As the final blades of grass part — steel yourself, warrior — the Ant Queen is here! Mike Inscho has done it again! He’s delivered on a stunning triple-foil rendition of the prelude to what is sure to be a battle not soon forgotten. Pairing the reliable flight of the Terra with art by Mike Inscho is an absolute royal flush for GYROnauts around the world — this SE is sure to be a conversation starter whether it’s in your bag or on your wall. Commemorate the release of the first driver in the James Conrad Line, grab the Neutron Terra SE today! 

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