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Uus Discmania S-Line CD2

Discmania S-Line CD2

Uus toode

4 toodet

18,90 €

  • 170-172
  • 174-176


Kiirus (Speed)9
Hõljuvus (Glide)5
Pööramine (Turn)-1
Hajumine (Fade)2

Rohkem infot

The CD2 quickly surpassed the CD in popularity. It offers you a humongous amount of control, along with sneaky distance for a disc with only a speed rating of 9. The CD2 is suitable to be the all-around general use driver for a range of skill levels, and by firing it at different launch angles you can get various flight patterns out of it.


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Discmania S-Line CD2

Discmania S-Line CD2

9 5 -1 2

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