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Innova Champion Orc

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17,90 €

  • 173-175
  • 167-169


Kiirus (Speed)10
Hõljuvus (Glide)4
Pööramine (Turn)-1
Hajumine (Fade)3

Rohkem infot

The Orc is a the classic Speed 10 driver made by Innova. This is a fast but accurate flying disc, good for intermediate players. The Orc flies well for both backhand and forehand throws. This is an overstable disc, but it has a degree of understable turn (-1) which gives it a nice flying S path. The Orc is taller than the average distance driver and has a thinner rim. In lighter weights, this disc is a good driver for newer disc golfers. The Orc is also a good beginner disc for new players who prefer forehand throws.


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Innova Champion Orc

Innova Champion Orc

10 4 -1 3

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