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Innova Champion Beast

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4 toodet

17,90 €

  • 170-172
  • 173-175
  • 164-168


Kiirus (Speed)10
Hõljuvus (Glide)5
Pööramine (Turn)-2
Hajumine (Fade)2

Rohkem infot

The Beast is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world, and for good reason. The Innova Beast is a fast, stable driver that isn’t too much for less experienced players. This disc works well for both forehand and backhand throws. While the Beast is a good distance driver for newer players, it’s also used by professionals, including world champion Barry Schultz. This disc works for maximum distance, downwind shots, and turnover throws.


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Innova Champion Beast

Innova Champion Beast

10 5 -2 2

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